[Option Suggestion] Auto Gen. Folder w/ date


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I think following option it will be a very good satisfier

Option for Logging: Auto Gen. Folder w/ date.

If enabled, it will make a year folder, month folder, date, and hour folder. It will be very if there is an option for year, month, date, and/or hour.

This is for DFogger LabJack Sample and others.


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There are an infinite number of nice features that we could add to DAQFactory, but if we did, the program would be impossibly combursome to use as you would have pages and pages of options to do anything. Instead, we provide easy to use standard features that offer the more popular options, and then give you the ability to create sequences to extend the capabilities of these standard features.

Using your example, a logging set offers many options for the time format, automatically splitting files, and several different logging formats. If you want to add the features you described, you would use a combination of logging sets and sequences. In the sequence, you would use "File." direct file access functions to create the necessary directory structure and specify the logging set name. DAQFactory would then take care of logging the data as it came in with the logging set.

The File. functions you will probably want to use is File.MakeDirectory(). This will enable you to create your desired directory structure on the fly. Use the FormatDateTime() function to add year, month, day to the directory name. Then use Logging.MyLoggingSetName.strFileName to change the name of the file that the logging set is writing to. When you change this variable, the current file is closed and the new file opened, so you don't need to stop and restart the logging set.

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