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Hi all,


I'm trying to compare 2 files to see if they are match using the code below


Private String Original_File

Private String Received_File

Private File_Compare


Original_File = File.Open("C:\OriginalTestFile.txt",1,0,0,0)

Received_File = File.Open("C:\TestRadio.txt",1,0,0,0)


File_Compare = Compare(Original_File, Received_File)


The File_Compare =  -1 even though the content of the 2 files are identical and no matter if I put Receive_File to be String# 1 or #2 inside the compare () 


Please help!








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That's because File.Open() doesn't actually read the file, it simply opens it and returns a handle.  You need to use File.Read() to read the whole file into a string using that handle. Then you can compare the result.  Don't forget to close the file too.

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