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I have project where DF should be doing only csv reports/datalogs from OPC server and should run in background, there is existing scada already.  I thought acquire mode would be quite ok since datalog does not need any resources from the PC/OS, get data once a minute or so.


Just downloaded 5.91 build 2203 and I cant find acquire mode ???  


How can I make DF run without a userinterface?


Any suggestions, thanks!

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Acquire mode was pulled in 5.90+ because as far as we knew, now one uses it.  We are trying to simplify the program a bit by removing rarely used, or never used features.


You can, however, in script simply minimize the DAQFactory window with this line:



Put that in an auto-start sequence, maybe with a delay(5) in front of it.

I personally would still create an interface, if only with a single display item that confirms that logging is working and maybe what file its currently logging to.  

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