Daq Factory Version Change From 5.87 To 5.84


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I have developed application using DAQ 5.87, It is working fine. when I try to run same using 5.84, i'm geting error about version. 

The process computer has 5.84 version, and I cant stop the process to upgrade 5.87 version.



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I'm confused.  You have an application running under 5.84.  Do you want to update that application with the one you created in 5.87 (which you can't do without stopping the existing application)?  Or do you want to run two instances of DAQFactory?


You can actually have both 5.84 and 5.87 on the same computer.  Just copy the daqfactory.exe file from your 5.87 installation over, renaming one of the daqfactory.exe files to something else (for example, rename daqfactory.exe to daqfactory587.exe).  At least between 5.84 and 5.87 most all the changes are in this file alone.  You couldn't do this with other releases, such as 5.87 to 5.90 or 5.40 to 5.87.

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