Reading Nan From Serial Device?


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I'm working with a servo control (serial communication described here: and have it partially working (I can send commands), but am unable to parse data sent from it. I am trying to 'Get Position', for which you send 0x90 and the servo channel number (1 in this case). 


I am using the following sequence:


// see info on serial communication w/ Maestro here:
global servo1
global string servoout
               device.maestro.Write(format("%c",144)+format("%c",servo1)) //command configuration 144 = 0x90
               servoout = device.maestro.Read(2) //documentation indicates outputs will be 2 bytes...
And when I run it, I see the following in the Comm monitor:
Tx: \x90\x01
Rx: \xD0\x07
so I figure this should be written to the 'servoout' string in this sequence, which I could then parse and translate into a position. However, I have only managed to get 'NaN' as a string. I've tried 'read(0)' and 'readuntil(10)' and various other configurations and I either get a time-out error or 'Nan'. 
I figure this might be a formatting or synchronization issue, but I'm a bit at a loss for what to try next. 
Any ideas?


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 First, consider using chr()/chra() and asc()/asca() instead of format("%c",...)


Most likely you declared servoout as a number:


global servoout


and then tried to declare it as a string like you did above.  My guess is that if you simply save and restart DAQFactory you'll be good.  Once you've declared a variable you can't change its type, which is one advantage of privates since they go away.  If you want to make your globals go away, you can do:




or like I recommended, simply restart.


Note also that if the response is \xD0\x07 then doing ? servoout isn't going to display anything because those aren't valid ASCII characters.  Instead, do:


? showHidden(servoout)


so it will print it in slash notation (albeit in decimal, not hex).

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