Bottom Axis And Point Size?


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I am testing trending in DF 5.91 and have some test variables like second, minute, hour and day.  Trending works otherwise ok but I cant get bottom axis behave like I think it should.  I update variables once a second in a loop an get data to persist files.


With window span 10 min (600 secs), 30 mins and 1 hour, major and minor ticks are OK, but with winspan 4 hours major ticks are only one hour,like 8:00, while there is plenty of room to show like 8:00, 8:30 etc.  8 hour winspan shows like major= 3hours and minor=1 hour and there is lot of empty space in between and even more with small font size!


I know this has to do with screen resolution but who uses VGA anymore?


Also lines, even straight lines like hour and day are now plotted with points which makes reading pretty messy.  I have not been able to remove points.  There should be "none" in Point Size selection in General tab.  Bottom Axis Grid settings are Auto Grid=none, major=1 and minor=3.







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Unfortunately, you don't really have control over the bottom axis grid when its Time. It doesn't have to do with screen resolution.


As for the plotting method, that's controlled by the axis, not the trace.  So go to the axis settings and you'll see "Plotting Method".

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