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I am trying to quantify the impact of the electromagnetic noise from a solenoid valve on a pH electrode. I have attempted to build a simple Faraday cage around the valve to block some of this noise and I am trying to test if it works.


I have set up a script in DAQFactory to turn start streaming a channel at 12000 Hz, start logging pH data stream, and then turn valve off and on to observe the impact on the voltage output of the probe. I believe I am running into timing issues when logging the streamed data. I receive an error message towards the end of the script. The data still logs to the specified file, but the length of my data doesn't match what I would expect based on my scan rate. These imgur images show the script for my stream/logging, starting stream script (based on StreamOneChannel) , and the error message I receive. 


I had previously changed the DAQFactory clock to use the system time by adding UserTime.dll to the DAQFactory directory. I have since deleted this, re-started the program, and still run into the same problems. 


Any suggestions on how to proceed? 

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