Random Number Generation And Integer Return

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Hi There,


I am working on a problem where i require a script to randomly generate a number between 1 and 3. I have used the function randuniform(1,3,1), however, this generates numbers with a huge number of decimal places. I only require the integer. 


I am curious to know if DAQFactory has an integer conversion function (like Int() ), i have seen the rounding functions however i don't want to add any bias. Can you suggest a way to output an integer without converting to a string parsing the string and reconverting the string back to an integer?







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Sure, use floor() or ceil().  Floor() will strip the decimal.  Ceil() will do the same as floor(), but add 1.  So:


floor(1.234) = 1

ceil(1.234) = 2


Note that there is only one integral number BETWEEN 1 and 3 :)   Also, note that if you use floor(), which I suggest, you'll want randuniform to go from 1 to 3.9999, not 1 to 3, otherwise you'll basically never get 3.  So:



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