Graphs Hang When Time Width=15


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I found a strange graph problem...if I set a graph component's Bottom Axis 'Time Width' to 15 seconds, then graphing will stop painting during trending.  I have tried versions 5.87c, 5.91/2203, 5.91/2213 and express on two different machines.


I discovered this issue when using the streaming mode / LabJack, but found I could duplicate it without hardware.  Creating a 2D graph of a Test channel (timing 1.0) will show the problem after a few repaints (typically less than 20 seconds).  I have not found any correlation to Page Refresh (tried .25, .4, .5, 1, and 2 seconds).


Is this a known issue?  Are there other poor choices for Time Width (i.e. factors of 15)?  I was implementing a user control that allows dynamic adjustment to view trace details, but may need to reconsider.




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I had to make the sample quickly before it stops...but I attached the file.  Give it from 10 to 30 seconds to run and the graph stops...DAQFactory stays in memory if closed.


Simple steps to reproduce sample: (1) make a test channel with 1 sec timing, (2) Insert a 2D graph for the test channel, (3) set the Bottom Axis time width to 15, (4) watch the channel graph and stop in about 30 seconds or less.



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