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I would like some help to create a control sequence for 4 solenoid valves I have a currently on my test rig. I have a labjack U3-HV and will use solid state relays to control the on/off function, but I also need to be able to control a flow sequence. For example, a delayed start of 30 seconds, then on for 120 seconds, then off for 120 etc... At some point I will require two solenoids to be open at the same time.


Is there a way of creating such a control to control the on/off at various times using DAQ factory?


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while(1)   /// loop forever

   myValve = 1


   myValve = 0




You can combine other valves in their, or create a separate sequence for each valve (which makes it harder to synchronize, but that isn't always needed).

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