Regularly Log The Contents Of A Test Channel


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Hi There


I currently have a number of test channels i am using as variables for a sequence (as i want to see their history). I want to log these values with other instrument channels (that update at regular time intervals 1s data). Do you know if there is a way to log these test channels (which probably only update every 5 minutes or so) at the same intervals as the instrument channels so even if they are unchanged a duplicate value is generated with the latest instrument value.


I hope that makes sense!


Thanks in advance





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There are two ways:

1) set the logging set to snapshot mode

2) in the event of one of your real channels put something like:


testChannel = insertTime(testChannel[0], realChannel.time[0], 0)


What that does is simply updates your test channel with the last value of test channel, but assigns the time stamp from your real channel to the new data point.  Then the data will properly align for a logging set.

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