Lj U3Lc+ I2C + Ljtickdiv


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Hello Fiends,

I have one programme from where I need to measure One Temp. + One MFC + Two PTs. For that I have One Lab jack U3LV, One KTA-260, Two LJTick-Divider (BIP10V), separate power supply of 24VDC. My MFC has input of 24VDC and output of 0-5VDC. My PTs have input of 24VDC and 0-5VDC output signal. And I am using one K-Type Thermocouple for temp. measurement.

In have attached programme here, I am getting MFC working well, PTs are working well BUT I could not merge TC programme which is for KTA-260 (I2C)...(When I am going to start/begin the sequence, programme gets hand/bug...) I am using DAQFactory Express for this.

If anybody have time, can you please look into this attached file and suggest me how can I do this?

Thank you very much in advance.

New 01 MFC.ctl

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You won't be able to run both programs at the same time since they use the same device.  You can merge them by opening both in safe mode in separate instances in DAQFactory, and then copy/paste from one to the other.  

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