Wrokspace Gone!

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I am running starter DAQFactrory v5.91 and can not open the workspace to access scripts, channels etc..  When I originally installed DAQF the workspace window  appeared attached to right side or where ever I moved it.  I could access it from the Quick menu "go to workspace"

When ever I select goto workspace, instead of that window opening the windows bar becomes visible on whichever side of the screen it is docked (hidden)


I am running windows 8.1 on a Dell XPS Ultraboock and have not had a problem wit it until recently.  I am a beginner with data acquisition but am trying to develop a small application for running some test equipment with some sequence activities, graph, and buttons.

I have attached screen grab of open QUICK menu and Screen grab results of selecting goto Workspace


Any thing that you can help with would be appreciated.


Jim Dowalo

DAQF after select goto workspacer.pdf

DAQF QUICK window open.pdf

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