Multiple User Access Via Remote Desktop Service On Windows Server 2012


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Hi, our customer required to have multiple user login via remote desktop service (terminal service) on Windows server 2012, so that each user could monitor the system via daqfactory separately without interfering each other.


There are around 15 computers running daqfactory on the site, and I have setup another server as a consolidated central monitoring system to connect all 15 computers by adding different connections in daqfactory.


Each users will connect to the terminal server via Remote Desktop connection and login by their own user account, I make copies of the ctl file, each users are using different ctl file in different folders but connecting to same daqfactory computer via ethernet, however when there is more than 2 users opening the daqfactory, the server will become very slow and the CPU is 100% utilized, only the first logon user could read the reading from the site, the rest of the users will see a red cross on the reading graphic.


Is there any issues with this setup? and could you please advice the best practice for multiple login?

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OK, first, because you have 15 users running different applications at the same time you need to have 15 Runtime licenses.  Just because its on the same computer (server) does not mean you can only use one license.  This is true for most any software out there, otherwise companies would just buy big servers, put one license of Microsoft Word, one license of Excel, etc and then create a bunch of remote sessions.  Even Windows charges a license fee for each concurrent remote session.  You are basically creating virtual computers on a single server.


As for the issue, it is most likely a conflict, either device or networking.


Why aren't the remote users just remoting into the 15 computers running DAQFactory (which are presumably all licensed)?  Why consolidate?  

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