Problem With Backcolour On In Popup Dialogs


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Pre version DF5.91 I used "page.dlg.backcolor" to show user if entered data is acceptable (green=good, red=nogood).


This has stopped working in DF5.91. I can set colour before calling page.dlg.popupmodal() and it works, but once dlg is displayed I can't change it until it is closed and popped up again.


Same applies to Modeless popups as well.


How can I recreate this feature in 5.91?



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Third new topic as I'm unable to comment on previous topics until they are approved....


Following on from previous topic where page.dialog.backcolor=RGB(x,y,z) doesn;t work on active dialog:


Although I can put a panel on the dialog and change its colour, that is not good as, by default, I cannot cover the entire background of the dialog because the size of the dialog is always set to be slightly larger than the largest component. Of course, I can fix the size of the dialog but that is a pain.



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