Read Hdd Or Cpu Serial Into Application


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Hi All, 


I am trying to read either the CPU or HDD serial number in my application in order to link the software to a specific number of computers and to prevent unauthorised copies being made. 


Is there a way that information can be accessed from within DAQFactory using a set of commands? Or is there another way anyone could suggest that this could be achieved?


Many thanks in advance.



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There are not any built in functions for accessing this information.  You will likely need to find a 3rd party tool or DLL that can provide this information.  If using a DLL, you can use the extern() function to pull it into DAQFactory.  If using an third party executable, use system.shellExecute() to run the application, but then you'll need to figure out how to retrieve the response.  How to do that will depend on the application.

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