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i have a problem when i read data from mysql.

when i used "global qr = db.Query(dbase,"SELECT name FROM alarmlog limit 100;")" ,it is no problem.

but    i used  "     global qr = db.Querytoclass(dbase,"SELECT name FROM alarmlog limit 100;")",DAQ is close.


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For the first post: MySQL or MSSQL?  Also, does it crash if you drop the "limit 100"?  I can't seem to reproduce.  Also, what release of DAQFactory?

For the second part, MyClassType would be a class that you had defined.  In general you do not need to give QueryToClass an object.  It will create one with member variables for all the fields and a few extras (fieldnames, etc.).  But if you want this data injected into a class that you created that might have a bunch of member functions, then you would want to pass an instantiated object of that class.


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