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Hi, I'm a new user of DAQFactory.  So far I've set up my Variable Value Components (voltage) and a graph (voltage vs. time).  Now I am trying to set up the program so that it logs the Variable Value Component data into a spreadsheet (.csv file).  Under a new Logging Set, I added my Variable Value Component (voltage) and beside "File Name" I selected an empty spreadsheet I made.  After started/stopped the logging set and open the spreadsheet, I get two columns of numbers, the second row contains the voltage data, but I don't know what the first column is (see below):



Would this be time?  How can I change this so I don't get decimal numbers?

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That is Excel time which is decimal days since 1900.  If you open it in Excel and tell Excel to format the column using one of its Date/Time formats it will display in a more human readable format.

In newer releases of DAQFactory there is an option to use "Custom" time stamp, and you can put %c in so that it actually logs using a readable format, but some data analysis tools might not like this.  Note that the custom format uses the same specifiers as the formatDateTime() function.

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