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Dear Support!

I have problems in reading data from the controller Carel, because it uses the protocol Carel, not supported by DAQ. I want to create a new protocol to read data in the DAQ. I need an example of creating new protocols and steps to implement them. I have a document about Carel protocol is attached below.

Thank you!



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Start by using the command monitor and make sure you get the response you expect from the device.  Use \ notation to enter hex values, such as \x05\x3A.

Once you are sure it responds as documented, create a sequence, then use the device.myDevice.purge(), write() and readUntil() to post the queries automatically and respond.  There should be general sample script on this forum in a number of locations.  The general form is:

private string datain
      device.mydevice.write(chr(0x05) + chr(0x3a))
      datain = device.mydevice.readuntil(3)
      // parse data
      // ....
      ? strLastError


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