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I purchased a USB key and had the development license transferred to the key. I was hoping to use the key to program Daqfactory on another computer which only has runtime license. 

But Daqfactory gives the message "This software is only licensed for runtime mode", when I tried to switch to development mode after the key was plugged in.

I already verified that the license is on the key by using it on the original computer that had the development license. When Daqfactory is run with out the USB key there is the "trial" message. No message will appear with the key installed. 

Any idea how to fix it?

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One of two things happened:

1) you licensed the runtime computer while the hardware key was inserted.  This can cause the Runtime license to end up on the hardware key, overwriting the development license.  In this case, you should license a computer with your development license, then transfer it to the hardware key.  Then, go to the runtime computer and relicense it as runtime being sure that the hardware key is not inserted at the time

2) you need to install the hardware key driver on that machine.  Its in the Windows Start menu under DAQFactory - Tools


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