Issue Inserting Time to Variable

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I was trying to use insertime() to change the time associated to a variable but that didn't work. 

Here is what I am trying to do:

A barcode scanner is used to assign value to a variable strTemp. The time when scanning happened is then attached to that variable. I tried to change that time to a current system time by using inserttime() then assign strTemp to a virtual channel. But the time always remains the same, whether the time is inserted to strTemp or the channel. I tried different ways attempting to "detach" the time but seems like it will always be there unless a complete new value is assigned to it, such as strTemp = "xx". But I need the original value from the barcode scanner.

I'd appreciate if you could provide some guidance on this.


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insertTime() doesn't affect the variable inside the (), but instead returns a result with the time changed.  So:

InsertTime(strTemp, systime(),0)

won't do anything, but:

strTemp = insertTime(strTemp,systime(),0)

will do what you want.

Note this doesn't work for channels, V or otherwise because they don't act completely like variables.  For channels you have to make sure the time stamp is correct before the value ends up in the channel.


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