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We have Labjack U12 and Daq Factory for Logging the Temp and Humidity data.Present facing issue how to miimize /Maximize the Daqfactory screen

Buy using System.Function (Minimize) through Digital input ,

I have tried to start/stop the sequence not working pl help me how to do this my program as follows

If (Mydigin[0] >1)



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Because of the way Windows messaging works, you can only call System.Minimize() (and Maximize()) from the main user interface thread of DAQFactory.  This means it won't work from most Channel Events and not from a sequence started as a sequence.  Likely what you'll need to do is use the OnPaint event for one of your screen components to do this.

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Dea Guru

We have labjack u12 and stream data from analog sensors (Temp and Humidity) and getting logged in DAQFactory,

This software is installed in siemens IPC,

In IPC(Touch screen) machine control SCADA is running in full screen mode for process control,The IPC doesnt support mouse /keyboard

 in this mode,hence DAQ factory is in minmize mode can it be possible to program a code in DAQFactory software. so that by activating the

labjackU12 digital input high to maximize the daqfactory to visuvalize the Temp & RH logger.

I have tried several method when daqfactory in minimize mode it is not taking the IO's of labjack. 


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You are correct.  When minimized, paint doesn't get called.  I'm not sure I have a solution for you under the existing release of DAQFactory other than writing a separate application that finds the DAQFactory window and opens it.  You could then use system.shellExecute() to run that when the digital input in DAQFactory wants to maximize the window.

You can also post a request in our new features forum.  Likely we'd either make minimize()/maximize() work from background threads, or provide a system event that runs in the main thread for this sort of thing.


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