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Hi. I would like to know how I can override and overwrite values for a specific channel. For example, I have channel and when I click on the value tab it has a value of -1. I can not click on the cell to edit. This cell should have a value of 0.001 (or something close to zero) or a value of 5 ( or something close) because this channel controls a Solid State Relay. How do I override the -1 value?

I also have another channel with a reed relay connected to it. This has a value of 1 on the value tab. This should be zero as it should be in a "de-active" state normally. And 1, when it is an active state and sending a signal. How do I override the value of 1?



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You can't replace a value once its in a channel, but you can convert it before it gets there.  To do that use a Conversion.  For example, if you want to invert a channel so it reads 0 when the DAQ hardware says 1, and 1 when it says zero, the conversion would look like:


You would then apply that conversion to your channel(s)


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