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Hi, Is it possible on the TANK fill feature to do the following (a possible customer has asked a question)? I am using version 5.91.
"Tank display shall be corresponding to the tank level, a lighter shade to be used to reflect real time level change"
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Not with the fill feature of a symbol component, but you can do it with a rectangular fill area by using a tank symbol with 3 empty symbol components on top.  The first (and lowest) is simply an off-white, or whatever color you want, background.  It is static.  The second has a Y Size corresponding to the level (probably scaled for pixels), and a Y location that is the inverse (Z - value where Z is the maximum pixel level).  The final has a Y Size corresponding to the difference between value[0] and value[1] (scaled for pixels),  and the same Y location expression.  If you want the lighter shade color to change depending on whether the level change is positive or negative, you can use the main expression and the colors.

I've attached a sample.  Note that since the three components are on top of each other you'll need to ctrl-click multiple times to cycle through them.  I added a linear gauge component on top of everything else.  It has no expression and is really just used to quickly generate the staff gauge.

Note that in my sample, the data is a sine wave that has abs() applied to it and is scaled to 0-100.  The symbol components are 300 pixels tall, so the expressions multiple the tank level by 3 for determining size and location.

If you needed to use this many times you could probably create a user component to do it, adjusting all your math based on component size, etc.  It'd be much easier to do in 16.3 since you can select group components without ungrouping.  Either way, I would only do it if you needed to reuse this more than a few times.



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