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I'm trying to set up a pulse counter on a T7 that is connected via USB. There will be only 1 LabJack that will be used, so I'm using ID#0 to address the LabJack.

I was trying to use the "BasicCounter.ctl" example to do this. When I run the sequence, I get the error below:

LabJack Device #0 error: LabJack not found: counter Line 13 - Uncaught error in sequence counter

I can connect to the device via Kipling, but no dice here... Any clues?


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The basicCounter.ctl example I believe is for UD type devices, not the T7.  Basically LabJack has been around long enough that they've had 3 iterations in drivers as they've perfected things.  The first supports just their original U12 device.  Then there is the UD which supports the U3, U6, UE9.  Finally they recently came out with the M driver which works with the T7 and kind of moves all the functionallity into setting different tags or channel #'s in the device, which in a way is a bit simpler than the UD.  Most of the examples you'll find installed with DAQFactory for the LabJack is for the UD.  For T7 examples, you should check the LabJack webpage.  There are some samples there, but also, really, most generic samples for the T7 will work with minimal changes in DAQFactory. 

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