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I using DAQFactory with 4 LabJacks to get multi analog data. I assigned device # to each Labjack, it only works for 8 analog channels from same Labjack. DAQFacotry allerted "Could not claim labjack" if I activate the channels from different LabJacks.

My questions are: Can DAQFactory support 4 labjacks? And how to use several Labjacks at the same time?


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DAQFactory can support four LabJacks. In DAQFactory under the Channel Table click on the Device Configuration button or go to Device Configuration under Quick on the main toolbar. Select LabJack U12 as your device. When the new window pops up click the Configure ID's button. If you have all four LabJack U12's plugged in you should see a serial number that corresponds to each one. Click in the ID column and give them ID's 1-4. Do not use zero as that is used for first found LabJack. Hit OK and then close the LabJack Wizard. Create a channel on each LabJack U12 making sure to use the corresponding ID number in the D# column of the Channel Table. Note that you can not use the same channel name for different device numbers. I suggest using something like AIO_LabJack1, AIO_LabJack2 and so on. Check to see if data is being read by going to the data Table under a specific channel name.

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