Sending command to serial device

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I have DAQFactiory configured and running with 3 RS232 channels from configured devices. I am now working with components of a page. The charting seems to be pretty straightforward but I am unsure how to work with buttons sending a command.


Right now I have a configured device called "Servo" that communicates on COM3. In the monitor window I can send commands with no issue (X\013 will stop the motor, RP\013 will return the motor's position, and so forth).


Under a button's properties it looks like Quick Sequence would be where code to be executed would be entered. What would the code look like if I wanted to send the "X\013" string to the servo motor?


Thank you!


P.S. While polling is active, in the far lower right hand corner of the DAQFactory window I sometimes see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point next to the word "Run". Should I be worried? Elsewhere that's not seen as a positive indicator.

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