Data error every second

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I have been using Daqfactory for a while with a U6 but I am a basic user.  My problem I have now is that I am reading the voltage signal from a load cell.  

I have the gain set and it is seeing the load cells voltage change.  I had it acquiring every 0.2 of a second.  However every second it records 2 values, one vastly bigger than the signal.  It goes 0.00005 for 4 readings then on the 5th it records both 0.00005 and 0.01010.  When I look at the time in the Channel table both these values are at the same time or within 0.003 of a second of each other.   

I can't work out what I am doing wrong.  I check it using LJcontrolpanel and the readings are fine.  I have attached the file. The rest of the program isn't finished yet.  I am having trouble with Vsignal.

Power meter1.ctl

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Its probably because Vsignal and rawCounts both refer to the exact same input, but Vsignal is setup as a differential input, while rawCounts is not.  However, DAQFactory doesn't look at the Quick Note section (where you specified differential) when putting values in channels, so values from rawCounts is probably ending up in Vsignal.  Eliminate rawCounts, or at least change it to another input and it should work better.

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