DATAQ Di-1100

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Not easily, they only provide a .NET library, so you'd either have to wrap their .NET library into a DLL and use DAQFactory's extern() function to bring it in, or go low level, which still would probably require you to write a DLL.  You'd be better off using a LabJack, such as the U3, which is more capable for only a little more money and has complete support and is easy to use in DAQFactory.


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I understand, and if you wanted to deploy 20 or more 1100's it might be worth the effort, but with only one, unless you really just want to learn DLL programming, you'd be better off just buying a LabJack.  It is unfortunately, actually, that companies like DATAQ, don't provide better integration, especially since their hardware is good.  I'm not talking about software solutions like their WinDaq software.  That doesn't give you any choice.  I mean providing better DLL's (not ones that only run with .NET) that are easier to integrate, or better, doing like LabJack and providing a Modbus wrapper, even for their USB devices.  This means that you can use a LabJack with most any software that supports Modbus, which is most any data acquisition software tool.

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