how to create automatic folder in computer with daq factory?


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we require below points-

(1)we have to create folder in my pc by daq factory.

(2)we already add the new recipe in daq factory but we have to also delete and edit option in scada for recipe.

(3)in recipe same name recipe add but we have to restrict it.

(4)we already add the choice in radio buton by script of addchoice.but we have to also delete option of choice in radio button.

(5)same choice also add in radio button but we have to restict it.

(6)in pritpdf option image not print we have to print it.



pls help me for all above points.


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1. You can use the file.makeDirectory() function to create a new folder.  Note that in newer releases of DAQFactory, the c:\DAQFactory folder is marked as read only for non-admins.  This is for security reasons

2+3) I'm not sure what you mean by recipe as DAQFactory doesn't have built in recipes per se.

4) you can't delete a single choice.  You have to remove all choices, then add all the ones you want back in.

5) you can restrict the radio button by processing the input.  I.e. don't have the radio button change the output directly, but rather have it change a variable or Test channel, then validate that value before sending it out.

6) correct.  This is why printpdf() is not an official, documented feature.  The logo must be in WMF format, or you can use the regular Windows print function and Acrobat Distiller print driver.

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