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Hi, We HATE doing things over and over again,

we have created a number of 'User' Symbols contains lots of script and on-load sequences to populate the various symbols in the group.

The problem we now face, is the 'On-Page' instances are not linked to the master / User Symbol. They appear to be a simple copy.

Our current project has over 100 valve user symbols. if we now wish to change the color coding for example we have to replace every single instance with the new one.

Is there any work around ???


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Correct, there is no linking.  There are two ways to handle your challenge that I can think of:

1) push as much of your code into function calls in sequences so that you have a minimal amount of code in the actual symbol.  The only thing that makes this difficult in the current release is that there is no way to get the name of the component.  But that is an easy fix on our part, so we'll add that right now and make it available on the beta.  Contact us directly via email for a link to the beta.  Anyhow, the idea is that the component really has no script, other than a function call to script that is in a sequence, passing whatever details are needed.

2) put your script into a string variable and use execute() to run it.  This is not as efficient because DAQFactory has to compile the string into code with every execute(), but it does work.  You can, in fact, do this from a file, by using File. functions to load a text file with script, and then execute() to run it.  But of course, that has some serious security issues unless you make it read-only on the client side.

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