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I have an issue with exporting data.

I'm using LabJack T7 and trying to record data from 2 sensors. In the export set I've chosen ASCII Delimited export method. Everything is OK when I'm using "All data points" mode.

But, I'd like to use "Fixed Intervals" mode to get csv file with a single lines of data each 0,01 sec, not duplicate or empty like in the "All data points".

When I'm choosing Fixed Intervals mode, I'm receiving just headers for each column and only one row of data.

I set Fixed Interval to 0.01.

I'm attaching print screen from the Export Set.

Am I doing something wrong?


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First, why are you using an export set and not a logging set?  Export sets were originally designed to be run after acquisition is done, for saving data after the fact, while logging sets are designed for logging continuously, as the data comes in.


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