RS485 hyperterminal connection


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I would like to receive data from the MetONe R4805 product.
I added a device (9600/8/None/1)RS485 ASCII . When I send A code from the monitor screen, the value is displayed. But I could not transfer this value to the channel as I wanted. How can I do that?

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I did the transaction according to the forum help topics, but I get error.

On the monitor screen;

Tx (15:59:44.683): A
Rx (15:59:44.697): A! 010193 012704 0000 0.5 000000 5.0 000000 LOC 000001 C/S 0009C2\013\010



   device.terminalisim.Write("A" + Chr(13))
   Private string Data_In = device.terminalisim.ReadUntil(35)
   Private string Data_Parsed = parse(Data_In,-1," ")
   Private Data_Value = strtodouble(Data_Parsed)
   deger1.AddValue(Data_Value[0]) // deger1, channel name


Command/ Alert Message:

C1136 Timeout: kod1 Line 5 - Uncaught error in sequence kod1

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Why are you doing readUntil(35)?  ASCII 35 is the # mark and I don't see a hash mark in your input stream.  You should be doing ReadUntil(10) which is the last character in your input string, a line feed character.  You are getting Timeouts because DAQFactory is waiting for the # which never comes.

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