2019 Update??

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Wanted to check in to see how things are going and can we expect a release this year?

Also, following are some items that I requested in 2017 to make DAQ Factory better for me to sell to customers.  You wanted me to ping you.

1.  Display the ALM, ACK, and RST times in the format set in Windows Region and Language settings.

2.  When you resize a column in the alarm display, for example the description, they do not retain their new column width settings.  Would be nice if they did so you don't have to resize every time you open the alarm dialog.

3.  Check-box on alarm display to hide inactive alarms to "clean up" the alarm summary.



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Yes, we have 18.1 ready. 

The only issue with it is that we had to replace our expired code signing certificate and that apparently resets our "reputation" with Microsoft Smart Screen despite the fact that DAQFactory has been available for download and used around the world for 18+ years.  So, it will likely be listed with 17.1 along with a note that Smart Screen may trigger on Windows 10 machines.  This will go away as more people download it, but right now is quite annoying.

Thank you for the reminder on the requests.  Don't be afraid to ping us again.

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