Can't initialise knob value

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I am developing a HMI interface where there will be two or three HMIs talking to the PLC. The problem I have is I can't seem to fully initialise the knob components. If the PLC is running the line and the HMI is powered up I need it to pick up the comveyor speeds and initialise the speed adjustment knobs without affecting the PLC. When I fire up the HMI it does seem to initialse OK when looking at the variables in the watch window. However when I switch to the page with the knobs on it resets to zero and writes it to the PLC. 

Can you advise how I can solve this please?

I've included a screen shot of the initial page and the variables in the watch window and everything is stable. I've then also included a screen shot of what happens when I switch to the page with the knobs on.

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