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    PC spec

    Thanks that does help. I'm not doing any trending, graphing or indeed maintaining any historical data, it is just displaying current status. It's unlikely to be doing any control as that will be left to the PLC. It will be the operator interface for them to interact with the PLC. The main thing is it will be fetching about 600 MW of data about once per second via Modbus TCP to display on the screen. It will be a 100MBit network. From what you've written I reckon the Atom will be up for the job. Many thanks for your advice.
  2. cjbassman2

    PC spec

    Hi, I'm just starting to develop HMIs for our next lot of factory automation. I imagine there will be around 10-12 screens of 1920 x 1024 resolution with a lot of Modbus TCP coms going on between HMI and PLC. I would like some guidance of whether a PC with an Atom E3845 and 4GB ram would be sufficient or whether an i7 would be necessary. The Atom is preferable as it's cheaper and probably will be cooler running in its enclosure but no good if it would be struggling. Any advice appreciated.
  3. cjbassman2

    Change value in Modbus slave channel

    Hi, I've setup DAQFactory as a Modbus TCP slave. I can write values OK using an external Modbus TCP master. The problem I have is that I'm trying to replicate a certain PLC functionality as below:- 1. Master writes data to slave (DAQFActory/PLC) 2. Slave process the data 3. Slave indicates to master that data has been processed by setting data values to zero. 4. Master is reading registers and detects data has gone to zero so sends next set of data. This works great on a PLC but I cannot fathom how to get a DAQFactory sequence to be able to set the RTU slave data channels to zero. Can you offer a solution please? Cheers
  4. cjbassman2

    Runtime screen size

    I would normally expect Windows to retain the closing window size and location but it wasn't. For some reason the PC with the runtime license always defaulted to full screen regardless of me re-sizing and closing down when in runtime. I solved it in the end by moving my development license to the Cryto Key. I then plugged the key into the runtime PC and re-size the window in development mode and closed it. Now when I run it as a runtime DAQ the window retained its size. Life's good :-).
  5. Is it possible to make DF runtime start up in a window of a specific size, in my case 800x800 pixels. It tends to start full screen but as the operator will only have a touchscreen with no mouse he cannot re-size. Thanks in advance.