Edit Mode Holds Over To Runtime?

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I recently discovered that if you leave the software in Edit Mode and change to Runtime Mode then Edit Mode is still in force... if you want to push a button (our example was to ack an alarm) then you have to know to use the Control key.  I had to read section 7.4 in the User Guide to find this information... not sure that an operator would be required to know this.  I did search on this topic before posting (first post here).


Should this remain unchanged?  Should all programmers be told *never* to leave it in Edit Mode?  Should all operators be told that if you're trying to press a button and it won't press, you have to hold Control when clicking?  It would seem a simple matter to turn off Edit Mode automatically when switching to Runtime... is that not an easy fix?  Even with the Dev key pulled Edit Mode was still in force.  Thanks for your time.


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Thanks for pointing that out, and really it should switch to non-edit mode when you go to runtime and that is something we will endeavor to change.   

Personally, I never use Edit mode.  Modes in software, in general, are not the best, which is why early versions of DAQFactory had no Edit mode.  They were added because it was thought that new users would be confused by not being able to manipulate controls when they click on them. But once you get used to holding Ctrl to do edits, it becomes automatic and is much faster then switching modes, so I definitely suggest avoiding Edit mode except when dealing with the Browser component.

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