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LabJack and mpu6050

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I need to collect data for vibration analysis. I have a windows laptop, labjack u3-hv, and a mpu6050 accelerometer. I was able to find a way to hook up to my raspberry pi 4 however there is no timer on this so i have no way of actually knowing my sample frequency. I know next to nothing about coding for daq. I was given example code for matlab that should work. When i run the code i get:

Opening U3
Unable to resolve the name LabJack.LabJackUD.DEVICE.U3.

Error in u3_MPU6050_Example (line 28)
        [ljerror, ljhandle] = ljudObj.OpenLabJack(LabJack.LabJackUD.DEVICE.U3,LabJack.LabJackUD.CONNECTION.USB,'0',true,0);


I was given 3 matlab files. One calls on the other two to run. I have all 3 in the same folder. When i run the code my labjack led does not flicker. I need to be able to collect this data so if you recommend different hardware or software that will work better for my application i am open to any input.






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Matlab files aren't going to run in DAQFactory.  For DAQFactory and the U3 you should review the DAQFactory - LabJack Application guide that is installed with DAQFactory.  The script will be similar to Matlab but not identical.

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