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Win IoT Enterprise is identical to Win Enterprise with a few extra things so DAQFactory should run fine on it.  We are actually investigating it as a recommended platform as many people are having issue with Win 10 and its overbearing Auto-Update. 

Win IoT Core however is really just WinCE rebranded so DAQFactory will not run on that.


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Thanks, that is useful. I've written an application that is exchanging data between systems on Modbus TCP for remote I/O and yes auto-update of windows and the anti-virus is causing problems. I'm therefore looking to use a dedicated, embedded PC running W10 IoT. To stop updates for now we've disabled Internet access.

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Actually as mentioned I've been doing some research on this.  Win 10-IoT is a binary equivalent to Win-10 Enterprise.  I believe really the difference relates to their licensing and the way it is distributed (through images).  Images are only worth it if you need to install a bunch of identical systems.   It appears that updates and anti-virus can be controlled by Group Policy, which is included in Win10-Pro and Enterprise.  So as long as you are running Win10-Pro you should be able to go into the group policy editor and disable these.  What is not clear is if what Microsoft considers a critical security update will override this.  I am still investigating, but I believe just having a dedicated PC running Win Pro with proper group policy settings will get you where you want to be.  

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