como crear registros y poder verlos en el mismo daqfactory


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buenos dias a todos. tengo un desarrollo en donde ejecuto supervicion y control de cámaras firgorificas.

mi pregunta es como puedo registrar los datos de temperatura humedad y co2 y luego leerlos en una grafica citando dia y mes a visualizar. si me pueden dar un ejemplo gracias.

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On 6/10/2021 at 3:08 PM, AzeoTech said:

How often do you read the data and how far back do you want to view?  The easiest way is to use Channel Persist.

hello I want to record every 30 minutes and then if I can create a folder month by month where the data is on the hard disk as history

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The simplest way to log data is to use a logging set, but it will log all data, so you would have to set the Timing of your channels to 30 minutes (1800).  If you would like to acquire data faster than every 30 minutes but only log every 30 minutes, you should probably try an Export set.  Use [0] after each of the channels listed in the Export set, then trigger the export every 30 minutes using a sequence:




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