Copying an entire page from one DF file to another

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I have a test file that I've been using to experiment with different UI components. For example, I use user interaction to show/hide various parts of the interface and display differently depending on the state of different variables. This has led to a large amount of named components along with a lot of buttons that have quick sequences as part of their actions. I'd like to incorporate this page into an existing DaqFactory file without having to redo either all of the existing pages on my new file or all of my UI work on the old file. Is there a way to copy the entire contents of a page between DaqFactory files.

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The easiest way is to simply fire up two copies of DAQFactory on the same machine at the same time, probably with at least one in Safe mode.  Then go to the desired page and do Edit - Select All, the Copy, then go to the other copy and do Paste.

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