Voltage to inches of water conversion

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Real new to DAQ Factory,  I'm getting a voltage from AIN1, Y axis is displaying Voltage values.

 I need to have inches of water values, I have the formula, where do I put it and how do i get it to range with with that formula?


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There are two ways:

1) you can use a conversion.  So, if the formula is to multiply volts * 100 to get inches of water, the Conversion would be:

Value * 100

You would name the conversion then apply it to any channels that it applies to.  This will make all values appear in these units.

2) you can do the calculation in the graph itself.  This is less efficient, but is useful when you need the value in different units on the page, or you want the user to be able to change the units on the fly and have it apply to historical values as well.  A Conversion only applies to new values.

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I went to the conversion page and added a conversion name of 100 then installed the Formula of CCP*100, clicked Apply, I then changed the Y expression from CCP to 100.

I see no trace on the graph, I'm graphing using a mean average and the Y axis should automatically change from 1 to 100.

How can i get the graph to auto switch to the new value which is no 100 times more than the old value?



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A conversion is like a formula that gets applied to a channel.  Unless you have a variable that is a constant, you usually do not specify a channel name in the conversion.  Instead you put "Value".  When you apply the conversion to your channel, the channel's reading will be replaced where Value appears in the formula.  This allows you to apply the same Conversion to multiple channels.

So, in your case, the conversion should be:

Value * 100

and then you should go to your CCP channel and select "1" for a Conversion instead of "None".


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