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While creating a data capture system for weld cell production, a request was submitted to me for the ability to add operators names to each cell at every shift change.  My employer is UK based, however we have a fair amount of Polish employees, so when it came to making a virtual keyboard with 26 latin and 9 diacritics for the Polish names, I stumbled on what seems to be a problem for many forum users over the years.  Namely, using non-latin characters in non-unicode software that cannot be fixed by changing the codepage.

If support for English plus one additional language's characters are required, there is a relatively straightforward way of achieving this: Open the control panel, select region(1), select the administrative tab(2), then in the language for non-unicode programs, click the change system locale button(3), choose desired language(4) and click ok(5) This is shown in picture below:


Below is virtual keyboard when set to english (windows default) the red keys should be polish characters when entered using ALT codes:


Below is same virtual keyboard with locale set to poland, which is correct:


Below is virtual keyboard with locale set to russian, just to further test:


I couldn't say what they represent, but some are recognisable to a non russian speaker (me).

Anyway hope this helps someone, it is much easier than any other way

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