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Good day.

I am new to using DAQfactory and I want a sample of 8 pieces of equipment established between two axes, to present an auto scale of 10,000 psi and 30 degrees Celsius and that, additionally, within the same graph, a sample can be printed for up to 48 hours.

I really appreciate your collaboration


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Create your 8 channels first, giving each a separate channel name.   Make sure you history is long enough to cover 48 hours, but if it is more than about 1 million, you should consider using Persist as well.  Then create your 2D graph.  Create a trace for each of the 8 channels, assigning them to either Left Axis 1 or Right Axis 1 depending on what you want.  Finally, set the scaling of the graph.  The bottom axis time width would be 3600*48 for 48 hours.  You say autoscale, but then provide fixed numbers, so I'm not sure what you want for vertical scaling.  To scale from 0-10,000, just put 0 for Scale From and 10000 for Scale To.

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