Qudrature encoder problems

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I have an absolute wire encoder that I want to connect to a U6 Pro Labjack (ID 6) in combination with DaqFactory.

Channel A is connected to FIO0 and channel B to FIO1.

The encoder works OK with the LJ Control Panel. The counts go up and down when I move the wire up and down.

In Daqfactory I cannot get it to work. I created a sequence that (I think) is a copy of the Quadrature example in the Application Guide.

However, I get an error message C1000 as shown in the attachment.

What do I miss?

Encoder text.jpg

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You are missing the include and other statements needed to bring those constants into DAQFactory.  Please see the DAQFactory - LabJack Application Guide PDF installed with your DAQFactory installation, specifically starting with chapter 8 where it talks about adding the script in an auto start sequence:

include("c:\program files\labjack\drivers\labjackud.h")

(note that your path for the include may be different).  If you look at any of the DAQFactory UD samples you'll see something like this script included.

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Thanks for the fast reply.

The sequence is now running without error messages.

Following the description in chapter 10.5.7 I have created a channel, I/O type Timer, channel # 0.

It really cannot get simpler than this but somehow I cannot get the pulse count on the screen.

I added the document for you to check where I wrong.

Buigbank alleen encoder v1.ctl

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