Capturing Picoscope Data into Daqfactory

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Hello Everyone,

This may be a repeatation of topic and this might have been discussed before. But I am new to Daqfactory. I wish to connect Daqfactory to Picoscope model 4262, such that I am able to view the waveforms in on a Graph on a Page in Daqfactory. I am creating a Simulator and therefore need to view waveform besides gauges and leds.

Can anyone explain me detailed procedure to integrate Daqfactory with Picoscope 4262.

Your help would be of great help.



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Alas, despite the fact that USB stands for "Universal Serial Bus", there is very little that is universal about it other than the connector.  While some common devices, like flash drives, cameras and printers have a common, almost "Universal" interface, pretty much anything else is going to be proprietary.  And more proprietary than, say, an Ethernet or regular Serial device, where the transport layer is at least universal.  In the case of USB DAQ devices, you pretty much always have to go through the manufacturer's driver, which is definitely NOT universal.  Some companies, like LabJack, have created a Modbus wrapper to make their software somewhat universal (and their Ethernet devices are Modbus natively), but most, including the Picos, require an SDK from the manufacturer.  There are thousands if not 10's of thousands of such devices out there and as such we are unable to write drivers for them all, or for that matter most of them.  We also do not really like USB based devices except for bench top use, and since most DAQFactory users are running DAQFactory in 24x7 type operations, we typically recommend Ethernet or Serial based devices instead.

Now, many such devices have a pretty simple SDK and you can actually use DAQFactory's Extern() function to bring in the functions in the SDK into DAQFactory and call them from there.  This works great for slower devices, but since DAQFactory cannot support a callback, it does not work for most higher speed devices that stream data and notify the parent application when new data is available.  This is, at least, one mode for the Pico.  So, while you may be able to get DAQFactory to query the Pico unit for values, probably at rates up to about 100hz, you will likely be forced to stream above that and without a custom driver, you probably won't be able to get it to work with DAQFactory.

That all said, we can write you a driver for the Pico, but as a device that is not commonly requested, there would be development costs involved.  The actual costs would depend on which features of the Pico you needed to access.   If you are interested, please email us directly at support @.  


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