Pausing/restarting a while loop, or sequence in general?


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Hi, I am running a logging and control script on a LabJack U3-LV. Here is the issue I'm trying to solve. I am running a scripted sequence to toggle between two solenoids. I set the number of cycles and time period on a page, then run the sequence. I want the ability to pause the sequence, instead of having to stop and then restart the sequence.

Here is a video showing the problem. I set the number of cycles to 10, then press "RUN" to start the sequence. I stop it after 4 cycles. When I restart, it starts the sequence again at 0 cycles. I would like to script it so it continues at 5 cycles, and then add another button to stop the program. Is this reasonable?

Here's my code:

global N_cycles //declare variable
global period_half //declare variable
global N_cycles_executed=0 //empty variable to use in loop

while (N_cycles_executed < N_cycles)
   Output_contract=5 //turn off contraction solenoid
   Output_extend=0 // turn on extension solenoid
   delay(period_half) // extend for time period
   Output_contract=0 //turn on contraction solenoid
   Output_extend=5 //turn off extension solenoid
   delay(period_half) //contract for time period
   N_cycles_executed++ //Index number of cycles by 1


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Certainly.  Just don't set N_Cycles_executed to 0 in the sequence.  Declare the variable (as I recommend all globals) in a separate sequence marked Auto-Start.  I usually call this sequence Startup.  Then, create three buttons, with Quick Sequence actions:

N_cycles_executed = 0



This, of course, does not deal with the state of the solenoid when stop is clicked, but it does keep it from resetting the counter.  To do a true Pause you would have to use a flag and replace the delay() statements in your script with a while loop that watches the flag as well as the time.

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