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1) I try loading a string, with the “&” a part of the string, into a variable text component, but it does not show up, only an underscore that's offset half a character width. Is there a delimiter or method for accomplishing this?

2)The workspace window goes blank, no listings, after I do an ungroup. Is there a way to refresh the window without reloading the program?

3) I have Time/Temp profiles stored as .csv files as shown. How do I read the complete selected file into the array Profile.  I am running this in a button quick sequence.

strFileName = File.FileOpenDialog("c:\DAQfiles\*.csv")

private Handle = File.Open(strFileName,1,0,0,0)

strProfile = File.GetFileTitle(Handle)

Profile = File.ReadDelim(Handle)            <--- trouble here


Note: I have initialized most variables in autostart sequence.

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1) that is a Windows thing and will do that on some components.  Just double up the & and it will display a single one.

2) this is a known bug that has been resolved in the next release. 

3) see section 9.9 of the user's guide for detail on the readDelim() function.  It requires 5 parameters.

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