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Acquire mode was removed from DAQFactory a long time a go.  It is available in 5.87a which is still available on our website on the downloads page.  I do not know if it exists in 5.91, but it definitely was removed by 16.1.  What is your reason for needing it?


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I am created only data collection program, not monitoring, but this running in Windows Desktop and I want mistakenly not closed. Acquire Mode icon not in an easy place and users will not be able easy close.


thanks for your answer



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Makes sense.  You can, of course use 5.87, but for newer releases there is the system.HideSystemMenu() function which will hide the buttons on the windows title bar including the close button.  (use system.showSystemMenu() to bring it back).  They could still close the app from the task bar, but that is not as obvious.  To fully prevent shutdown you would have to run Windows as a kiosk.

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