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Hi all.

I am looking for suggestions on a method to integrate a CanBus Device into DaqFactory. I understand there is no standard modules or converters thus some custom scripting of the serial ports will have to be done.

My question is has anyone successfully done this, and can anyone recommend hardware?

I started using Microchip’s CanBus analyzer, this worked great with their software however I am unable to integrate it with DaqFactory.

Thank you in advanced.

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You would have to find a device that offers an API of some sort to allow DAQFactory to communicate with it.  Or get a CAN to serial or CAN to ethernet device (if they exist).  We created a DeviceNet device (which is CIP over CAN) using a Netburner CB34.  This is a programmable microcontroller with a CAN port, serial and ethernet.  It would not take much to program that as a basic CAN to serial or Ethernet converter.  For our DeviceNet device, it did CAN (really deviceNET) to Web Service over ethernet which worked well for the application.

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 Excellent, I appreciate the information. I am going to keep researching options (though I don’t think there are many). I do currently believe a converter is the way to go.

Whatever I end up doing I will update this thread in the future.

And if anyone else does have any further thoughts or suggestions, I am all ears.

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Just a follow-up.

With the SSTOMM GT200-MT-CA I was able use DAQfatory to both monitor and transmit data to a CANBUS network. I configured the GT200-MT-CA as an Ethernet (TCP/IP) device in DAQfactory. Relatively straight forward.

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